The Potomac Valley Fire Company is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is partially funded by the State of Maryland and Washington County with limited funding but relies heavily on funding from our fund raisers and the generosity of our community. Funds from our fund raisers and community donations will be used to help upgrade or replacement aging and outdated emergency equipment such as Firefighters turnout gear, tools, Fire/Rescue apparatus. These funds also help us maintain our current Fire/Rescue apparatus, maintain our station and provide us with materials to run our day to day operations.

Some of our operating Cost:

Currently to outfit just (1) of our member with the necessary (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment or Turnout Gear cost over $3,500. The life span for turnout gear and the NFPA standard for replacement age is 10 years. The cost for new fire/Rescue apparatus (Fire trucks) ranges from $100,000 up to a million dollars, Fire apparatus has a maximum life span of 20 yrs, with only 10 year in front line service. Without the support of our community and the help from the donations the PVFC would not be able to provide the service our community expects and deserves and we would not be who we are today. Thank you for supporting Us.

Ways to support Us:

Each year the Potomac Valley Fire Company sends out a donation letter to each home within our response area. Other ways to donate to the PVFC is to attend our Fund Raising activities (Dinners, Breakfast, Bingo’s and Gun Bonanza) held throughout the year, You can stop by the station on the last Monday of the month at 7pm during our monthly membership meeting .

or you can send a DONATION through our
Venmo page @pvfc
Or you can send a check to the address below:


Treasure Potomac Valley Fire Company 2202 Dargan School Rd Sharpsburg, MD 21782 Thank you for your support The Members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company