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Maryland Heights

This evening at 1647hrs, CO11 was alerted along with CO8, FE5, FE19, FEM20 and LO626 for an inaccessible incident on Maryland Heights. SUP11-7 w/ATV11, SUP11-0 w/DC11, and C11 responded 6 personnel.

DC11 arrived and established Maryland Heights command, while ATV11 and C11 proceeded up the mountain in search for the patient. Personnel from CO11 made patient contact on the trail to the overlook and found a female with an injured foot. Personnel worked on getting the patient out to C11 where the patient was then taken down the mountain to get checked out by the ambulance crew. Units returned to service shortly after.

Units: Car 11 (Chief 11) , Support 11-0 ( Deputy Chief 11) , Support 11-7 w/ ATV 11