Current Apparatus

Car 11
Car 11

Chevy Tahoe

Chief 11

Command Unit

Support 11-0

2018 Chevy 1500

Deputy Chief/Command vehicle

Support 11-7

Chevy 3500 HD Pickup w/ Snow Plow

Primary EMS response vehicle

Tows the third out boat and ATV response trailer

This unit is equipped with low angle rope equipment.

Engine 11-2

Pierce Enforcer – 2007


Engine 11-2 is the “Work Horse” of the Engines stationed at company 11 and is the First Out Engine on most calls due to the equipment, tools and capabilities that it has. Engine 11-2 is setup to handle a wide range of calls due to the diverse response area in which company 11 covers.

Engine-Tanker 11

Pierce Dash – 1992


Engine-Tanker 11 is the primary water supply unit for company 11, due to the very limited water supply within company 11’s area. Engine-Tanker 11 carries 1800 Gallons of water which makes it a very important unit.

Brush 11

Ford 350 – 1995


Brush 11 responds first out on all brush fires, unknown fires, Investigations, Wire/Tree’s down

Misc Adapters, Stihl Chain Saw, 2 Bladder Bags, 3 Brush Rakes, Shovel, Broom, Leaf Blower

Brush 11-1

1997 LMTV

Brush 11-1 was donated to company 11 through a government grant. This unit once belonged to the New Jersey National Guard and operated during Hurricane Sandy.

Utility 11

Dodge RAM F250 – 1998

Utility 11 is a multi purpose unit that handles a wide range of incidents. Its primary responsibility is to tow the second out boat

Boat Support 11

Chevy Silverado 2500 – 2019

Boat Support 11 is used to tow our boats and carry water rescue equipment.

Boat 20-11

Boat 20-11

2022 14′ Demeree Inflatable Boat (DIB) rescue sled

This is the primary boat out of station 11. This boat is a county owned asset that is operated by the Potomac Valley Fire Company in partnership with Washington County DES.

Boat 11 Alpha

Demeree – 2004

Boat 11 Alpha is one of 4 Potomac Valley Rescue Boats. Boat 11 Alpha is used as one of the primary boat on the Potomac and Shenandoah River. It is also the oldest boat in our fleet.

Boat 11 Bravo

Boat 11 Bravo

2022 Demeree Inflatable Boat 12′ rescue sled

Boat 11 Bravo is the newest Potomac Valley Fire Company Owned boat. Its shorter size allows it to function in smaller waterways but with it being as wide as our primary rescue sleds, it can also function as a one of the primary river boats if necessary.

Boat 11 Charlie

Demaree Inflatable Boats (DIB) Rescue Sled – 2009

Boat 11 Charlie is a 12 foot Dib rescue boat. Its small design make it perfect for rescue in the local small waterways. It also responds to slow moving high water calls

ATV 11

2018 Palaris

UTV 11

This is a 2023 Honda Pioneer

Former Apparatus


Dodge – 1953

Engine 11/Tanker 11

B Model Mack – 1956

750 GPM pump
750 Gal. as engine
1200 Gal. after conversion to tanker

Engine 111

B Model Mack – 1963


Chevy – 1965


Willey Jeep – 1965

Special Unit 11

Ford/Swab – 1972

Tanker 11

R Model Mack – 1981

Boat 11

Boat 11 was placed out of service on 9/1/2012 after serving for over 30 yrs.


Ford/American – 1977

750 GPM pump
750 Gal. Water


GMC – 1984


Dodge-Pierce – 1979

Engine 11-4

Ford F-550/Pierce – 2004

Engine 11-4 was sold in the spring of 2016 to the Stephens City Fire Department in Stephens City Va.

Support 11-0

Support 11-0
Ford Explorer
Chief Car
Command Unit
BLS Certified First Responder
Placed Out of Service January 2020

Engine 11-1

Pierce Dash – 1986

Engine 11-1 aka the “WAR WAGON” is mostly used as a 3rd out engine company for the company but don’t let “HER” age fool you, this old girl runs and pumps like she did on day one and is a firefighting work horse. Engine 11-1 runs many of the smaller limited access driveways…

Utility 11

Ford F350 – 1997

Utility 11 is a multi purpose unit that handles a wide range of incidents. Utility 11 is the primary units out of the station on all EMS First Responder calls. This unit is equipped to handle EMS needs and is certified as a BLS First Responder unit through the State of Maryland.

Support 11-0

Chevy Tahoe

Deputy/Assistant Chief
Command Unit
(Former Support 1-7)
BLS Certified